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7 Simple Ways That Can Make Your Website SEO Friendly

Do you realize that only designing a beautiful and functional website is not enough? There is absolutely no use of such cool and beautiful website if it is not easily accessible to the target audience when they search up from the search engine platform. Hence, it is highly important that your website design is search engine friendly.

There are many websites that look beautiful and cool but are not SEO friendly. Many businesses do not realize the importance of SEO. They do not understand that there is no ultimate benefit of making a cool and beautiful website that are not SEO friendly. If your website is not easily accessible to the customers who are searching for your products or services, then what is the use of making such cool website? SEO & website design should go hand in hand. Web designers must incorporate SEO in the web design process. Getting traffic to the website becomes easier if it has search engine friendly website.

In this blog, I will discuss some simple tricks that can help you make your website SEO friendly.

Use User-Friendly URL

You should make sure that the URL you use in your website is user-friendly, or else it will not rank as well as it should. Make sure that you don’t use underscores for separating words in your URL, instead try to use hyphens to do so. It is also necessary that you limit the categories in your link.

Incorporate Social Media in Your Website

Social media is highly valued by search engines. If you incorporate social media elements in your website design, then your website ranking may improve. Therefore, make sure that your designer adds all your social media icons while designing your website.

Avoid Using Too Much Flash Elements on Your Website

Be extremely careful while using flash elements on your website. Using many flash elements may affect your search engine ranking as well as it may distract your visitors. It may also make it difficult for the search engines to rank your website. Flash doesn’t benefit your website’s SEO anyway. It is often ignored by search engines. Therefore, always use flash elements very carefully.

Use SEO Friendly Images

Only optimizing the text of your website will not work. It is equally important to use SEO friendly images. By optimizing the images of your website, you can increase your website ranking. Images that are excessively big can make your website slow as it will take too long time to load. Ideally, your website images should be 30 to 100 kb and it should have a resolution of 72 dpi. It is also important to place the images very carefully. They should be relevant to the content.

Make Sure Your Website Design is Completely Accessible

Remember, your website design must be completely accessible so that it doesn’t affect your ranking and conversion rates. It should not take much time to load. It must be viewable on all browsers; otherwise, your visitors may exit your website without buying your services or products.

Use JavaScript Cautiously

Never make the mistake of using JavaScript for your entire website. If your website presents a great deal of JavaScript, it may cause crawling issues because search engines will find it difficult to read. You should aim to make your website as user-friendly as possible for both search engines and visitors. JavaScript also doesn’t work properly for mobile devices. So it is advisable to use JavaScript sparingly.

Place Keywords in Different places

Don’t make the mistake of placing keywords only in the copy. Keywords can also be used in different places. They can be incorporated in your website design. They can also be used in H1 tags, H2 tags, title tag, Meta keywords, Meta description, navigation, bullet points, H3 tags, footer links, URL’s, breadcrumb trails, internal links, file names and folder names.

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