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7 Effective Tips for Designing Landing Pages that Converts

You might have made immense effort to bring visitors to your landing page. But how does it feel when your visitors come to your landing page but go away within seconds without going through your content? You feel frustrated, right? But have you ever asked yourself that why this is happening with you every time? Are you doing something wrong? Of course, you might be doing something wrong while creating your landing page due to which your visitors are not hanging out on your website longer (How to keep visitors on your site?). So if you want to know how to generate more leads from your landing page, go through this blog thoroughly.

Here are some landing page tips that will help you generate more leads

Try to keep your content short and informative

Your landing pages should not showcase a lot of content. Your content should be short, unique, relevant but informative. Also it is important to keep providing fresh content on a regular basis.

Your headline should be attention grabbing

Your headline is the first thing that your visitor notices when they arrive at your website’s landing page. Hence your headline should be able to grab the interest of your visitors. It should also be capable of conveying to the visitors what your service or product is all about.

Also keep your headlines short as people are not interested in reading longer headlines. Keep it precise. It should not be more than 20 words.

Be choosy about your images

If used appropriately, photos and graphics can really improve your landing page. Try to use large as well as high quality images that are capable of grabbing your visitors’ attention. Also, don’t forget about the relevance. The image you use should relate to your headline as well as the objective of the page.


Navigation should be easy

Your navigation should always be straightforward as well as easy. Your visitors will simply leave if your website or landing page is hard to navigate. Navigation menus should not have too many links, drop-downs, & options, as this can lead to visitors feeling lost.

Make your ‘Call to Action’ button stand out

It is important to include a clear call to action button on your landing page so that your visitors get to know what they are supposed to do next. Try to use a bright colour to make your CTA button stand out. Also, your Call to Action button should be large as too small button would get lost in the shuffle of all the other content. Do not give your visitors any reason to pause before taking action.

Always provide social proof

Don’t forget to place testimonials from your satisfied clients on your landing page so that your visitors feel confident about choosing you as well as what you offer.

Running tests is important for achieving perfection

Running A/B test is highly important because only testing your landing pages will tell you what exactly is working best with your target audience.

When it comes to landing page or website, creating perfect first impressions are crucial. After all, first impression is the last impression. If at first look, your visitors don’t like your landing page or site, there is a possibility that your visitors will not nut buy your products or services. And if your visitors don’t take any action, there is absolutely no use of driving huge traffic.

So if you want your landing pages to convert, you need to follow the 7 simple steps listed above. These 7 tips will help you convert your website visitors to customers.

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