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6 reasons why more than 20,000 retailers love Vend

Making a switch from traditional sales technology to highly intuitive POS software is one of the smartest moves a business can make. Many businesses struggle with unrecorded sales as well as inaccurate inventory. Their employees end up spending more time tracking down these mistakes than helping their customers as well as closing new sales, and this hampers business growth as well as profitability. However, a POS system can solve these types of problems. A good POS system can take the guesswork out of making sales,  enable your business to achieve a level of accuracy,  help you increase profits, as well as improve customer service.

A little about Vend POS software

Vend is a powerful retail POS, inventory as well as customer loyalty software loved and trusted by over 20,000 retailers all over the globe.A beautifully designed point-of-sale software that works on an PC, iPad or any other device, Vend enables retailers sell products, accept payments, then track as well as report in real-time on sales, stock & staff performance across many stores.

Here are 6 reasons why many retailers worldwide have trusted Vend over the competition

Vend is intuitive & easy to use

Vend’s modern interface is so simple and easy to use that your staffs would pick it up within minutes. You can use it on PC, Mac, or any other device with a web browser.  It may even work with POS hardware that you already own.

You can grow and scale with your business easily

Now take the pain out of growing your business with Vend. Vend is fast as well as inexpensive to scale, so you will be able to get set up & selling in no time – & add new registers, staff, sales channels as well as locations in one click.

It integrates with world-class retail tools

This POS software easily integrates as well as works seamlessly with other top class retail tools such as Xero for accounting, Deputy for staff scheduling, & many others; so you will be able to use the products that you already love.

It will streamline your retail business

Vend can help you increase your efficiency, as well as give you everything that you need to be successful in modern retail.

With Vend, you will be able to get access to point of sale, ecommerce, inventory management, reporting as well as customer loyalty. And as this POS software is cloud-based, you will always have access to the latest updates & features.

You can please your customers with Vend

Vend will help you streamline your checkout process, minimize customers’ wait time, as well as create an excellent customer experience whether you sell online, in-store, or on-the-go.

It will also enable you choose how you accept payments. You can select from the  leading providers for integrated payments, or also stick to your current provider.

You can access your store from anywhere, anytime

As Vend is a cloud-based POS software, you can sign in as well as work from anywhere. You can access your products , sales, and reports easily, and have the latest data. In case your internet goes down, this POS software will still trade offline.

In a nutshell, Vend will help you make more money, automate your hard tasks, as well as give you the best of modern retail. It will help you succeed & help you become a top-class retailer.

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