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5G coverage in Australia

2G brought us SMS and picture messaging. 3G was all about mobile internet. 4G made streaming and sharing part of everyday life.

5G stands for fifth generation and is the next leap forward in mobile network technology.

It has the potential to offer super-fast connections and response times and more capacity than previous generations and is designed to meet the needs of the large growth in demand for data and connectivity from our customers and businesses.

Downloads that take seconds, not minutes. Seamless streaming. Real-time gaming. A future where devices are interconnected, and immersive experiences are the norm.

Downloading is faster with 5G.

All of this means you can download movies, music, audiobooks and apps faster than ever before on 5G. Even when you’re on the go. Uploads are more efficient on 5G too – get your files and posts where they need to be, fast.

5G has more capacity. What does that mean?

The network is like a busy traffic-filled freeway. 5G relieves the congestion by adding lanes in the form of spectrum bandwidth. This increased capacity leads to faster data speeds and better performance – especially in crowded areas.

Ultra-reliable low latency.

Latency is all about response times. It’s the delay between transmitting and processing instructions on network devices – low latency equals better performance. 5G is an ultra-reliable low-latency network that reduces the lag significantly – great news for gamers, driverless cars and mission-critical industrial automation.

5G for business

With faster speeds, lower latency and greater capacity, 5G helps businesses deliver richer experiences than ever.

Think 3D and ultra-high definition videos or immersive virtual and augmented reality experiences.

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