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5 Ways Facebook Can Do Wonders For Your Business

Do you know that Facebook has over 1.71 billion monthly active users as well as 1.13 billion daily active users? Facebook has become one of the top social media platforms. People nowadays use Facebook not only to connect with their friends and family but now it has also turned out to be a platform for promoting as well as advertising a business.

Let us have a look at some of the interesting Facebook statistics and facts

  • Today over 50 million businesses use Facebook Pages.
  • Nearly 16 Million local business pages have been created in Facebook as of May 2013 which is a 100% increase from 8 million in June 2012.
  • Posting 1-2 times per day get 32 percent more likes as well as 73 percent more comments than those who post three or more times.
  • Over 42 percent of marketers think that Facebook is critical to their business.
  • Facebook users leave 2.5 billion comments on Facebook Pages every month.
  • Around 49 percent of consumers “Like” a Facebook Page in order to support the brand.
  • About one-third of Facebook users engage with brands regularly.
  • Nearly 42% of customer service responses from brands come within the first 60 minutes on Facebook.

Now have a look at some of the benefits of Facebook for business:

This marketing strategy is low cost.

Marketing activities through other channels may cost you thousands of dollars but Facebook allows you to sign up for free and carry out your marketing activities. This makes it ideal for small as well as medium sized businesses with limited marketing budget. Apart from being free, Facebook also provides access to huge number of target audience that can be converted into customers.

Facebook can be used for sharing your business related information

You can use your Facebook page for publishing your business name, contact details, address as well as briefly describing your services as well as products. Also, you can talk about your history, employees, or any other aspect of your business that you think can help you attract other Facebook users as well as create interest in what you do.

Facebook allows you to share pictures as well as videos from your business

This is another great thing about Facebook. It lets businesses upload pictures as well as videos from their business. This can be a great way to communicate with customers, enabling them to have a view of your product or service without having to visit your premises.

It allows businesses to communicate with their existing & prospective clients

Facebook can be used to ‘talk’ to existing as well as potential customers by posting & receiving messages. However, it is always better not to use Facebook for aggressively promoting your services or products. Rather you can share business related information that is actually interesting or useful to other users. This will bring you greater success. Also, this will increase your credibility as well as promote your business by building long-term relationships with other users. For example, a professional gardener could post tips on how to look after gardens.

Also, it is highly important to listen as much as you talk.

Facebook can help you improve customer satisfaction

Facebook lets businesses quickly respond to their customers ‘queries as well as resolve their problems faster which in turn help them increase the level of satisfaction of their customer as well as develop strong personal relationships with them, promoting brand loyalty.

In a nutshell

As you can see, Facebook can benefit your business in numerous ways. It can help you take your business to a new height. So if you still have not created your Facebook page yet, do it today itself. Otherwise you may miss out on big opportunities.

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