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These 5 things may happen to you if you don’t update your WordPress website

WordPress is one of the most popular & widely used Content Management System (CMS) in the world, with more than 59.4% market share. WordPress websites get nearly 22.17 billion page views every month and there are around 2.7 million global searches for WordPress monthly. It has an outstanding development team that constantly works hard to improve security, bring new features as well as improve the experience of users.  But it is important to update WordPress websites on a regular basis if you want to reduce the risks of getting hacked, improve the performance of website as well as enjoy all its new, cool features.

Know what will happen to you if you don’t keep up with the latest version

Not updating WordPress means keeping door wide open for hackers

If you think that no one would be interested in hacking your website just because you own a tiny little website with hardly any traffic, then you are wrong. Every WordPress website is a target.  This doesn’t mean that WordPress is not secure. As WordPress is one of the most popular and widely used CMS globally, it is a popular target for cyber criminals.

Not updating your WordPress on a regular basis is like keeping your door wide open as well as inviting hackers to your website. Hackers may try to gain access to inject malicious code. If you really want to improve your website security as well as avoid getting hacked, you have to keep up with the latest version.

You will not get access to the new features & tools

One of the most important reasons to update is that updates add new exciting features as well as tools to your WordPress website that can help you improve your visitors’ experience and boost your efficiency as well as productivity.  If you don’t update to the latest version, you will not have access to all the latest stuffs.

Your website may not perform the way it is expected to perform

Apart from improving website security, updates also provide a huge increase in website speed. If you don’t upgrade your WordPress site to the latest version, your website may run slow and also hackers may get more opportunities to hack your website.

You will not be able to eliminate bugs

Even after the thorough & careful testing of major WordPress releases, sometimes bugs may make their way into software. That is why there are timely minor WordPress releases (the ones with X.X.X.) If you don’t update your site to the latest version, you may not be able to eliminate bugs that could be affecting your website.

Your brand new plugin may not be compatible with your older version of WordPress

The brand new plugin that you have installed may not be compatible with your older version of WordPress. To ensure its compatibility with the new plug-ins that you have installed, it is important for you to update the older version that you are using.

You may think that you don’t need to update your WordPress website as everything is working perfectly right now.  But, not updating may cause many problems in the long run.  Updating on a regular basis is a very important part of owning a WordPress site.

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