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5 Reasons Why WordPress is Best for Start-ups

WordPress’ sheer scalability as well as flexibility makes it the ideal Content Management System for start-up businesses. Of all the CMS that are available for developing a website, WordPress has become the choice of maximum start-up businesses. It is Infact the most popular & widely used CMS globally, with more than 59.4% market share. Websites running on WordPress get around 22.17 billion page views monthly. Also it has been seen that there are nearly 2.7 million global searches for WordPress every month. WordPress 4.6 has been downloaded over 21.7 million times.

Websites of some of the world’s famous brands including Yahoo, Mozilla, Samsung, CNN, EBay, Quartz,  Techrunch, Flickr,  Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Harvard Law School, Sony Music, Forbes, Sweden’s official site, Metro UK, The Wall Street Journal as well as The New York Times are all running on WordPress.

So if you are a novice entrepreneur and you are eager to implement your start-up idea with not so big capital, then WordPress is perfect for you.

Have a look at all the benefits of WordPress for your start-up business

WordPress is very easy to install

WordPress is user-friendly software. There is no need to know coding in order to create a website using WordPress. This means, novice entrepreneurs who do not have much technical skills will not have to rely upon expensive developers & coders in order to get their sites up & running. All they need to do is buy a domain, host it under a plan, as well as do an automatic install of WordPress from the CPanel. Then they need to install a theme according to their choice & the site is already hosted! These things shouldn’t take more than an hour or 2, & there is no need of any technical skill in order to install WordPress.

Also, future updates are being sent to the site’s dashboard on a regular basis, and then just by clicking on the ‘update now’ button, the website gets updated. This is probably why it is important for start-ups to use WordPress.

WordPress sites are very SEO-friendly

Lack of online visibility is one of the biggest problems that new businesses face every day. However, the good news is that WordPress sites are loved by search engines. As WordPress is written using standard compliance high quality code as well as produces semantic mark up, WordPress sites become very attractive to search engines and this is something new businesses need desperately.

Certainly, WordPress as well as its SEO-friendly build can help start-ups gain new leads, drive more traffic & increase profits & revenue.

You won’t need any technical skills or coding skills

Generally, start-up businesses do not have a very big budget for hiring professional developers or designers. This is reason why they usually prefer to create a website on their own. But the problem is that a majority of start-up owners doesn’t have much technical skills and also they don’t have the resources to hire professional developers. With WordPress, you don’t need to have any HTML or PHP knowledge in order to set up the website.

You just need to install the website, as well as start filling up content or publishing posts. This is one of the most important reasons why WordPress is so popular among start-up owners.

Customer support is always available

WordPress has a network of hundreds of thousands of developers on its forums as well as groups, many of whom offer free support and advice.

You will be able to extend the functionality of your website with Plugins

Plugins lets you to extend the functionality of your site without even knowing how to program. With over 10,000 plugins available, you will be able to add all kinds of functionality to your site, like photo slideshows, SEO, social media sharing & many more.

WordPress is getting better & better day by day. If you have started a new business and looking to build a new website, WordPress is the perfect option for you. Apart from being the most popular, widely used, easy to use & fully customizable Content Management System, it is highly reliable, secure as well as supported by communities globally.

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