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5 Reasons Why Your Blog is Not Getting Enough Traffic

Many newbie bloggers start blogging with full enthusiasm but then when they find that their blogs are not getting the traffic that they had expected before starting blogging, they get discouraged and quit blogging. It then becomes difficult to convince them that opportunity is still there; they just need to keep patience as well as do it the right way. It is important for every blogger to understand that the journey of blogging is not easy. It is not one day work; it may take months or years to get success. It is not possible to get tons of visitors overnight. But, even after months or years of blogging, if you don’t see any improvement in your blog traffic, then these might be the possible reasons.

Your blog titles suck

Blog titles are very important as this is the first thing that people will be noticing. If the title of your blog is not powerful, people will not go through your content. A catchy title makes all the difference in the world. Your blog title should have the potential to entice readers to start reading your content.

Here are a few effective tips for creating engaging blog titles:

  • Make it catchy & attention grabbing
  • Include keywords in the blog title
  • Keep it short & focused
  • Be controversial from time to time
  • Use numbers in your title (Top 5 ways to create viral content)
  • Include a benefit in the title
  • Use power words
  • Pose a question

You are posting infrequently as well as inconsistently

If you just write blogs once in a blue moon or when the mood suits you, you will not get the traffic that you expect. If you wish people to become regular readers of your blog posts, then you need to be more frequent as well as consistent.

Research found that companies that publish more than 16 blog posts every month get about 4.5X more leads than companies that publish only 0 to 4 blog content monthly. In the year 2016, small businesses generated around 126% more business leads through blogging.

Your content is boring as well as irrelevant

If you write boring or irrelevant content, no one will go through it. In this busy world, no one has time to go through a boring piece of content. Hence, writing high quality, engaging blog content is highly important to make it more readable and shareable. Also, avoid grammar and spelling errors in your content. A recent research found that blogs with better grammar and spelling rank higher in Google search results.

You are not promoting your blog content

If no one knows that your blog exist, how would you build up audience? If you really want your blogs to get more traffic, you need to do proper marketing. After publishing your blog post, you need to share it on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin as well as Google page. It is also important to share the content on different Google plus communities. Apart from that, you should answer the questions related to the content on Quora as well as add the link to the post. Also, share your content on various forums. Remember, the more you promote your blog content, the more you get social traffic.

You have not added right keywords in your blog

Only writing high quality and engaging content only will not satisfy the search engine. It is important for you to find the right keywords for the search engine. If you fail to add proper keywords in their blog, it will become difficult for Google to find your blog. Always remember that keywords are the heart of content. Without proper keywords, you would not be getting organic traffic. But, before adding keywords, you should know which keywords will be right for your content or niche.

In a nutshell

So, if you want to increase traffic to your blog, you need to rectify the above mentioned blogging mistakes immediately.

Also remember, that the journey of blogging is not that easy. You won’t get result instantly. Getting blog traffic is something that happens over time. Keep patience, work hard, do it the right way and you will definitely get results.

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