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4 Reasons Why Your Customers Are Not Buying From You

Are you facing too many difficulties selling your products/services to the customers? You might have spent countless sleepless nights and days developing a service or product that you believed would definitely benefit the world. But then when your released your creation, you found that the story is completely different. You are failing to attract enough customers.

It is true that failing to get customers is very frustrating and worrying. However, if you come to know the reasons why this is happening with you, it would be easier for you to turn things around.

In this blog, I’ll share some top reasons why customers are not buying from you.

Your customers are completely unaware of your products or services

How will your customers buy from you when they completely don’t know that your products or services exist?

When you have spent countless days and nights in creating your products/services, why not put some efforts in marketing it?

Set up your business profile on social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google plus, etc. Also buy Facebook ads, do email marketing, make a business card and give it into the hands of anyone who can help you, post interesting information as well as pictures  to your social media accounts on a daily basis, talk to your friends and relatives about your new business, offer a free, no obligation consultation  – just do something!

Also make sure that you are targeting the right market with your message.

Your business website doesn’t look professional and it is poorly designed

If you are serious about your business, create a well-designed, professional and highly functional website. If your visitors feel that your site is untrustworthy and unprofessional, they will leave your site instantly. A professional and well-designed website, on the other hand, will compel your visitors to buy from you. Your website should have the potential to make your customers feel that your website is a trustworthy place for their shopping. Your customers should feel safe to provide their personal details as well as purchase from you.

Apart from making your site look attractive as well as professional, make sure that your website is easy to navigate. Don’t forget to check the responsiveness of your site. Make your site SEO friendly as well as offer secure payment options (if your customers are buying online). Also, make sure that everything in your site load instantly. Last but not the least; don’t forget to keep your website updated all the time. While testing your website, put yourself in your customer’s shoes.

Your Prices may be too high or too low

Pricing products or services is probably one of the most difficult & challenging things for new businesses. If your prices are too high, you may lose business to your competitors. On the other hand, offering prices that are excessively low can create the impression that you are providing cheap quality products and services and apart from that, you won’t be able to make a profit. Hence before setting price, you need to do proper market research. Your aim should be to set optimum prices that will not allow you to maximize your products but also remain attractive to your customers.

You have no physical address

Are you running your business from your home? Customers get sceptical of businesses that have no physical address. That does not mean that you have to go out for leasing a commercial property even if you don’t really need the space. You can instead consider options like a virtual office.

In a nutshell

So now after knowing what mistakes you are making, it will be easier for you to turn things around. You just need to work harder and take all the necessary steps to makes the changes that will help you keep your customers happy. Don’t forget that even small mistakes could drive your customers away.

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