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4 Most Effective Remote Learning Tips for Parents

Remote learning is certainly not ideal, but neither is a typical education. Teaching requires certain major rearrangements. Is not the current pandemic an opportunity to finally make that occur?

Has your kid’s engagement and enthusiasm towards the learning dropped considerably during the entire remote learning thing? We honestly can’t blame the kids as parents are quite tired of all too. There are such techniques for bringing a smile to their face.

We have four tips for you. With the help of these, you will hopefully help your kids’ remote teaching go more easily!

• Create an Environment:

Start with seating. You will be so happy to see the flexible seating has been helping your kids in virtual learning. Put your children in uniforms if your school has them, or dressed in outfits, not PJ’s. Start at the same time and close at the same time, have lunch, recess, breaks, etc. Organize all the things. It helps with learning. They will feel like they are at school and this makes them pleased. This is emotionally something they desperately want. The routine helps with learning; they also help them connect with the daily life they are missing.

• Start Meditation Session:

If the school is not doing a morning assembly then start with a moment of peace or meditation. Have them do something to warm up their mind like some morning walk. While they may resist in the beginning, this is going to make an effective learning remote experience at home.

• Have the Fastest Internet Service:

When you are working with technology, inevitably, things won’t always go planned. But, one thing we can control is our internet service. The children are on video calls many times per day and require a good, fast connection for things to run effortlessly. The reliable service gives them peace of mind.

• Have Patience and Support Your Kids:

Things could change quickly – timetables, zoom times, learning times. Try to roll with it as much as possible and keep it flowing and cool for your little. It’s OK not to be OK. Feel your kid’s feelings – frustration, annoyance, mistake, and nervousness. They don’t know how to talk about them like we do so be sure to remember to check on their mental health through this journey. They NEED you!

• Final Takeaway:

As long as your children understand you are trying – trying to help them learn, trying to be better parents for them, trying to continue with them, trying to reach them in a completely different playing ground – they will continue to rise into the persons that you are helping to make. PARENTS DO NOT GIVE UP!!!! Keep raising kind, bright, and generous beings – our future needs them!

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