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1800 or 1300 Numbers

1300 & 1800 numbers can give your business that marketing edge as well as add a sense of professionalism. These numbers make it easy for customers as well as prospects to call you nationally for free or for the cost of a local call.

While 1800 numbers will enable your customers as well as prospects to contact you Australia-wide for absolutely free, 1300 numbers on the other hand would enable them to contact you from anywhere in Australia just for the cost of a local call.

Your customers will just have to remember as well as dial a single number nationally for contacting you, without having to know which branch office they are calling or without the need for area codes.

Calls to your 1300/1800 numbers can be routed intelligently based on time of day, location or other criteria.

Another important benefit of 1300 numbers & 1800 numbers is that they are portable which means that you will not have to change your number, even if your business relocates to another state or just across the road.


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As we have partnered with Comms Code, a wholesale telecommunications service provider and communications software company that delivers inbound numbers & cloud based call management solutions to Australian telecommunication service providers, we can provide this inbound number solution to your business as well as help your customers remember you easily.

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1800 or 1300 Numbers

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